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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Magnolia Rouge real weddings feature Vela Images…

I have just had some fantastic news from New Zealand while I am on my travels in New York, the fabulous Magnolia Rouge blog is featuring a Vela Images wedding today! I am very excited, thanks Kate! Your blog is AMAZING! If you have not visited the Magnolia Rouge blog before, simply follow the links […]

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New Hampshire bliss…

  After an AMAZING and non-stop four days in New York, full of learning, shooting and catching up with fabulous friends (O.K. and just a little bit of partying too – you know who you are), I headed up to New Hampshire to catch up with old friends. The scenery and serenity of New Hampshire […]

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Summer in the city, New York City…

Its hot, not just hot but sizzling HOT! Its also exciting and vibrant and non-stop! I love it! Lots more photos and updates on my adventures to come soon. In the meantime enjoy these photos from summer in NYC. Greta x

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New York…

Today is a big day. Really BIG. Today me and my camera are going all the way to the Big Apple. I am so excited and so happy and so looking forward to the buzz and the whirl of New York and learning and seeing new things. I am most excited about meeting Punam Bean […]

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