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Natalie & Josh engaged

Two of the most beautiful, crazy and funny people I know.

Thanks Natalie & Josh for trusting me to photograph you pre-wedding and on your amazing wedding day. It was one of the best. I can’t wait to feature your wedding very soon (yes people its the wedding with “that” dress!), in the meantime here you are as gorgeous as ever engaged. Greta x


The middle one

This little one was the baby of the family until not so long ago. Now he, the little brother is also a big brother, he is a school boy (just), he can read, he can ski (almost better than me!!!), he wants to surf like Kelly Slater and he even tells me things I don’t know (mainly about super heros). Marlo you are the most kind hearted, generous and loving soul I know. I miss the little toddler Marlo but I’m so excited about this new and beautiful “boy” I get to be with.