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I’m so excited to share with you the images from my last Auckland, New Zealand Kinfolk dinner and gathering. This was the biggest gathering we have had to date in New Zealand with a large number of talented and hard working collaborators. The theme was “A Feast for the Eyes” and guests were treated to a gallery style dinner created by Eleanor Ozich, Hannah Horton and the team from Monday’s inside Silo 6 with the following feature artists. The event direction and style comes from Kinfolk Magazine in the USA and the events are produced in each location by Kinfolk event hosts (Myself & Shaye). Tickets are bought via the events section on the Kinfolk website. And you can find out more information here.

Bayly & More – Showing short Films
Monmouth Glass – Hand blown glass lighting  installation as well as custom made wine glasses for guests
On My Hand & Muck Floral – Floral Installation
Houston Design – CeramicsBen Bartlett – Musician

The Silos are a beautiful industrial space on the waterfront in Auckland which are used for community focused events. They are literally just a shell and don’t even have running water so the amount of effort and magic which went into preparing the space and the meal for our lucky guests was mind-blowing but because I was work with such clever detail focused individuals the process was seamless and we pulled it off without a hitch and a lot of laughs. See below the journey of transformation and then the wonderful dinner.

A huge heartfelt thank you to all of our talented partners, artists and guests who worked with us and made this truly inspiring event such a success. We could not have done it with out you…
ARKADE / Waterfront Auckland / Giesen Wines / Hallertau / Antipodes Water / George & Edi / WASARA / Epicure Trading / Six Barrel Soda / Ritual Tea Co / Heilala Vanilla / Mavis & Osborne / The Midnight Baker / Pod Gardening / Lewis Road Creamery / The Forest Cantina / Night Owl Cinema

Some previews from a lifestyle project I did for the ecostore. I love this brand and everything they stand for. And I can vouch for all their products, my home is full of them. They are effective, safe and they smell so dreamy!

I’m finding it so hard to think of the right words to explain how beautiful the wedding of Michaela & Zach was. Styling and flora wise it was out of this world (Thanks to On My Hand – I think it could be my favourite one of hers yet!), The venue, Old Forest Hill School is like some kind of magical forest straight out of a fairy tale book, there is a feeling of being so deep in nature when you are out there you wonder if the trees might actually start talking to you? The place is full of the most gorgeous grounds, nooks, buildings and even comes complete with it’s beautiful resident animals – which don’t even mind posing in the odd photo. Michaela looked like some kind of ethereal forest fairy (as quoted by her Grandfather-in-law) in her stunning dress by Corina Snow and accessories by Jannie Baltzer and how about that gorgeous flowing auburn hair! And to top it all off there was cake by Spongedrop and food by Devour. All of these factors contributed to the creation of one of the most beautifully perfect weddings I have ever seen or been to. But you know what really made it crazy beautiful and unforgettable…Michaela & Zach. These two belong together, they are so in love, so humble, so gentle, so happy and so caring with each other and with everyone they cross paths with. I think you can really see this and the chemistry they have shining through in their photos. Thanks Michaela & Zach, you guys are perfect. Greta x

Big thanks to Rambo Estrada Photography for second shooting this wedding with me. And it was great to get the chance to work with ShaunPaul Creative on the film side again.

I shot my first wedding on Kawau Island recently, it was a day of beautiful people, beautiful locations, some crazy random hurricane like weather and even a rescue helicopter (everyone’s fine thank goodness!). It was also a day with a lot of love as you can see here. Congratulations Rachel & Chris, it was one unforgettable wedding!

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