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The middle one

This little one was the baby of the family until not so long ago. Now he, the little brother is also a big brother, he is a school boy (just), he can read, he can ski (almost better than me!!!), he wants to surf like Kelly Slater and he even tells me things I don’t […]

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Kinfolk “Freshen Up” Workshop

 Oh Kinfolk. I love your grainy matt pages, your simple ideas and beautiful ways.  I love your real and raw photography. In fact I love everything about you. On My hand & Greta Kenyon Photography held our first (of many) official Kinfolk gathering last month in May. This was the first ever Kinfolk gathering to […]

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School holidays

Our family has just had 10 blissful days away up in Matakana and Omaha, it been so nice exploring new beaches, different parts of the country, new restaurants, markets, shops and places. And its quite amazing how much you can get done when you have no internet! I took my computer away with me and […]

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Boy Love…

Summer is busy with weddings but never to busy to be with this little Monkey, my littlest…    

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