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Kinfolk, The second global dinner for 2014 – Wabi-Sabi Style.

Greta Kenyon Photography and On My Hand Props, Styling & Flora are once again pulling together some outstanding teams in Tauranga and Auckland to host the upcoming Kinfolk gatherings which this time focus on the imperfect perfection of “Wabi Sabi”

You can read more about the event on the Kinfolk website here: Wabi-Sabi October Dinner

Host: Greta Kenyon of Greta Kenyon Photography
Venue: Mondays whole foods Mondays
Food & drinks : Petite Kitchen & bonnie delicious blog with Nick from The Golden Dawn – Tavern of Power
Head of Service on the night: Delaney Mess of Heartbreak Pie
Creative & Media: Julia from Studio Home

Host: Shaye Woolford of On My Hand Props, Styling & Flora
Food: Nadine / Devour Catering Devour Catering NZ
Sweets: Danielle / Spongedrop Spongedrop
Venue : Marilyn Cleland Interiors (
Creative & Media: Julia from Studio Home

In case you are wondering about the beautiful ceramics in this photo taken by me….they are from Houston Design Co. and have been hand made by designer Holly Houston and will be used at both events on the night:

Hallertau Brewery, Giesen Wines, Rogue Society Gin, Antipodes Water Company, Six Barrel Soda Co., The Forest Cantina, Heilala Vanilla, Quinn & Katie Photography, Houston Design Col, and, Side Project



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