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Zelda for Green Monkey & GreenZoo

For those of you who know me you will know that I am very passionate about health and well being and I love working with clients who also share this philosophy…

Basically I like to know what is in my food, where it is from and what it will do for my body, mind and soul. My family by default (because I make them:-) also share this passion and it starts right at the beginning when they are small babes. All three of my children were raised on Green Monkey baby food. It was the first thing they tried and the only baby food I will feed them. Its made from 100% NZ grown organic veges, it contains no fillers, no preservatives or nasty ingredients you won’t know the name of and its not made from concentrates. Its basically just the same as what you would make at home…except it tastes way better and the range of gourmet flavours is far more exciting than what I would think up for my wee ones. My advice to Mums is to check your labels and taste your bought baby foods, you will be surprised about what is in them, where the produce is from and how they taste. My babies have all thrived on Green Monkey and as a busy working mum its great to know what I am feeding them is healthy, safe and nourishing.

Here is Zelda our littlest modelling a GreenZoo merino top which is a new merino label bought out by Green Monkey. (Facebook for Green Monkey)

F a c e b o o k