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Zoe & Garret Hitched

I get flown down to the South Island, I get to hang out with the most amazing bride and groom who are so in love it makes your heart sing to be around them. Their love and laughter is so contagious that it gives everyone several cases of HAPPY tears throughout the day (yes me included:-).  The happy in love and stunningly beautiful mega babe bride wears a RED wedding dress that most A-List celebrities would break their right leg to get a hold of, The bridal party (both sides) are so lovely and so much fun that I instantly want to be best friends with all of them. forever. EVERYONE at the wedding is so wonderful and friendly I feel far more like a guest than someone who is actually there to do a job, Mother nature turns on the BEST spring day that can possibly be, The flowers and styling are so flipping cool I want to scream (If you know me you know how I feel about hellebore’s and foraged floral goodness), There are children and there are DOGS. This is pretty much my ideal wedding scenario.

Zoe & Garrett you guys belong with each other. I remember when I first saw you together (at another wedding I shot when Zoe was a bridesmaid) giggling, smiling and horsing around. They’ll be next we said, wink, wink, nudge, nudge… and here we are. Thank you for not only allowing me but welcoming me into your lives on this speacial day, for being so relaxed and fun and allowing me to share in and capture these beautiful moments. Shooting weddings like this and being with people like you (your friends and family included) make me love what I do more than I can explain. Greta x

Styling by the lovely bride Zoe, Cake & flowers by Maggie of Florabunda, dress – custom made.

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